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Gel vs. SNS nails: Which is Better?

Gel vs. SNS nails: Which is Better?

Nails that look attractive and clean add the perfect touch to any makeup look and hairstyle. The right manicure can look elegant and polished or playful and fun. It can also help improve the health of your nails by making them stronger. Gel nails have been all the rage the last few years, but there is a new manicure that might catch your eye — Signature Nail System (SNS) nails. Learn a little more about each type and find out which one is right for you.

Gel Nails 

Gel nails are commonly offered in many salons. Using the gel nail technique allows you to get nails in the color of your choice. It also allows you to have nails that can be as long as you like and in any shape you want. Using gel nails as part of a manicure has multiple advantages. They can be ideal for those who are allergic to acrylic. They can also be easily removed if you don't like them anymore. Gel nails can also last for more than a week without any cracking or other problems. However, using such this kind of nail type can also have many disadvantages. Gel nails can be highly complicated to do properly and require the use of special UV or LED lights that may not be good for the health of your nails. Gel manicures can also be expensive. 

SNS nails are just as strong as gel nails but can be much better for the health of your nails as they do not require the use of UV lighting.

SNS Nails 

Many people have turned to using SNS nails. These are another kind of commonly used nail system offered in many salons. Many people love this nail technique. SNS nails look great on your fingers, feel totally natural and resist chipping. This kind of system is very easy to apply and will not take long to have done. SNS nails are just as strong as gel nails but can be much better for the health of your nails. The process to create the nails is quick and easy. Unlike gel nails, SNS nails do not require the use of special UV lights that many people dislike. Less exposure to UV light is better for your overall health and better for your skin as a highly detailed study in a dermatology journal recently found. 

Visit Our Salon 

Visit the Paisley Salon and Spa for a Signature Nail System manicure that will look great and feel totally wonderful during the entire application process. Our skilled technicians can help any client get the ideal manicure for their nails. We have a great deal of experience working with the Signature Nail System technique, allowing us to provide our clients with nails that are strong and look fabulous. Our customers have been happy to discover what we can do for them. New SNS clients can come to Paisley Salon and get $5 off their manicure. 

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